dear dad, i know you are good without a doubt. for us down here, it is still the old. we are working hard just as you taught us to. things are changing down here, the government still making our lives even harder but the petrol fuels are down i know you would have enjoyed that. […]

letters to my father

dear dad, it has been almost seven months since you left us. i ams sorry that i have taken so long to write to you; you being my best fan for this blog. all that time i was gatheriing my courage to write to you. i did not know what i was to tell you. […]

we know, we are aware….we just ignore.

just the other day i was listening to a certain gospel song and the singer caught my attention. he sang about the ignorant society we live in nowadays. he says that the thug who pulls the trigger and takes a life, it is not that he does not know how bad that is, he just […]